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Christmas in July … oops, I mean April …

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The Sky Angel at Mpumelelo Day Care, 2008

Every year I do a “Christmas in July” for the orphans I support in South Africa by sending them a huge package full of items to carry them through their winter.  However, this year I am taking my lovely adopted niece (Amy) to meet them in April.  We have been given a list of items requested from the orphanages. 

Any items you would like to donate need to be to me NO LATER THAN 16March.  We are leaving in early April, but I have an extremely busy work schedule in March & need time to be able to pack all the items up, get waivers for extra luggage from my job (so I need to know how much I am transporting), and be able to coordinate with my niece for items she will be collecting in Southern California. 

“Sinethemba” is an orphanage I have sent items to, visited, and adopted as my own family because of the love we all share.  The house has rooms that have been added on to accomodate all the children.  The “mom” (Sharon) broke down each room with the kids names and any special requests.  The items I have already obtained have been removed from the original list.  Please leave a comment on here or email me if you are going to be sending anything still being requested.

PINK GIRLS ROOM…….  All girly girls : Buhle (14) , Britney (10) , Arlette (11)  Teenage magazines, hot tamales and nail polish

BLUE GIRLS ROOM……   Calm room :  Sonja (19) , Palesa (4) , Danielle (8) Kids story books , chocolates , lolly pops and coloring books

ORANGE GIRLS ROOM ….. Growed up young ladies : Madison (21) , Jane (21) Any book by Steve McCurry (photographer) & Reeses peanut butter cups

PURPLE GIRLS ROOM ……. Justin Bieber fans : Lara (11), Thembi (11) , Portia (10) Lip gloss, deodorants, nail varnish, funky stationery

RED SOCCER BOYS ROOM….. The boys  Lebo (6) , Leon (14) , Smanga (9) any boy stuff, socks

TURQUOISE GIRLS ROOM….. Funky chicks : Nadine (18) , Bianca (16) , Margaret (15) Funky stuff for hair (Hair coloring, scrunchies, clips, barretts, pony tail holders), and nails

BROWN ROOM……The brown guys : Anthony and Thulani : Marine fish tank books, Popular Mechanics mags

GREEN RONDAVEL….. Grown up guys : Jacob and Xolani Socks , soap on a trope & ties 

 THE FOLKS …….. parental units  : Grant and Sharon peace and quiet and a hug from ROBIN !!!!!!

items sent in last years "Christmas in July"

Special requests I have that were not included in Sharon’s list above are :

music (any cd’s you may have), American Chocolate (like Hersheys, Rochero Ferrero’s, Twix, or your favorite!), bras, hats, gloves, scarvesLearning aids like flash cards and pictures to hang in a classroom. Soap, lotion, perfume, or cologne (you know, the bottles that are half empty that you don’t use anymore). 

Any items we take that are not used at Sinethemba or are extra, will be taken to Mpumelelo Day Care or Norah’s Creche.  Gosh, I just cannot wait to see these children .. or share this amazing adventure with my Sunshine.  Now, I am praying for the proper days off in the month of April for this volunteer vacation, attending a retirement ceremony for a hero in the Air Force, and at the end of the month meeting some of my Marines at a Memorial service for their fallen.  It’s going to be an incredibly busy month of flying for work in between those commitments, but I am so beside myself with excitement, I just can’t help but bounce off the walls.  hehehe



Please send items to me:

Robin Schmidt

PO Box 122037

Covington, KY 41012-2037

A Gift of Love …

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Devil Dogs of the 3/5 Marines ~ Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Have you ever received a gift that made your heart melt? One that every time you saw it, you got a lump in your throat?  Every time you tried to tell someone about it, you were filled with such emotion, your voice quivered and tears rolled down your cheeks?  Recently I received such a gift, but I continue to be at a loss for words.  Maybe it is just best  if I let the person who sent me the gift, explain...

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing FWD, Operation Enduring Freedom t-shirt

Dear Robin,

I will not lie to you and tell you that our time here was pleasant, however I would like to thank you for making our time here a little better with each care package we would receive.  I was extremely grateful to have been introduced to you, as I was always motivated to receive something from you, a care package from one of your friends, an email, the fudge and cookies, and those post cards, (I loved those!) and knowing that there was someone out there so giving, so caring, and willing to give
so much of her own time for me and more importantly my Marines, really gave me strength.
As well when I would tell my Marines about you, it would bring up their motivation (along with the treats), which is why they wanted you to have a unit T-shirt.  I flew a United States Flag for you, Robin, over our Camp here in Southern Afghanistan, where so many of us have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  I wanted you to have it being you are for sure one of the people we would gladly sacrifice for, you are a Great American and a wonderful person.
I will never be able to Thank you enough!
Master Sergeant Marcus R. Dawson USMC


Flags over Camp Leatherneck


My words continue to be caught up in the deep felt emotion I feel from this gift.  Believe it or not, I really am at a loss for the right words.  But I felt the need to write this blog not only to share the sentiment Marcus provided, but an extended “Thank You” to each of you who continue to help me to make a difference for Darkhorse & The Devil Dogs, and all of our valiant heroes.


United States Marine Corp Certificate


Marcus, it has been an absolute honor to support you and your Marines.  Thank you for the sacrifices you each continue to make daily for my freedoms.  When the time comes for you to come home, please know I look forward to the opportunity to salute each of you in person.  Thank you so very much for touching my life in such a profound manner, and helping me to see ‘what I do matters’.  Every time I look at your amazing gift, I feel as though God is smiling.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  You each continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers …




The Sky Angel, and TIGGER, too! 🙂

Feb & March Care packages to our Valiant Heroes …

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Someone was caught sneeking around for GREEN items for our valiant heroes ... hehehe

✬★✬ Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I am happy to report the packages I sent with all of our heartfelt cards of love and appreciation are beginning to arrive on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan!  For those of you who have asked if you could help in March or April ~~ these are special requests directly from our troops: nuts, packaged tuna, chocolate covered raisins, Maxim, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle & Body, MMA News, funny movies,  the books “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell, “Three Cups of Tea“, “Stones into Schools” (both by Greg Mortenson) Photography magazines & Magazines about dogs.♥  The cut off date is 14Feb for me to receive these items for St. Patrick’s Day care packages … Any items not rec’d by 14Feb will be included in March care packages. ♥ (Last week I baked 28 dozen cookies for the 6 heroes & their units I am supporting, along with the Combat Surgical Hospital in Afghanistan. Earlier today I was found purchasing a bunch of GREEN fun to include with the requested items for March … so any of the items underlined above that you can help with would be greatly appreciated!)  … keep reading though … more ideas are in the following paragraphs!  Rolling on the floor laughing

Care package contents from Feb 2010 (last year)

✬★✬… Anybody out there live in New Orleans or going to Mardi Gras? … if so, I have a really special request for March  … can you get some beads, masks, hats, and green/purple boas, or anything FUN you can send me to include to our valiant heroes in March care packages???  My theme is Mardi Gras and Easter all in one! Thanks a million!!✬★✬

Another blog will be written for specific items requested for Easter after I get the Feb care packages sent, but for now, please remember .. the cut off for March care packages is 14March. ♥

Pillows & Easter Baskets to our troops, March 2010

Of course, to cut down on your costs, if you want to just send me a check, money order, gift card to WalMart, Big Lots, Costco, that would be fantastic .. or you simply click on the “donate” button in the upper right corner of my website :

Another way you could help is shipping costs. If you can send an AmEx gift card or if the post office offers  gift cards, that would be MAGIFICENT!

My website ( )  has recently been updated with links on how to “adopt a hero”, along with the most up-to-date details on  “how to ship” packages and “what to send” to our valiant heroes.  Please refer to the website BEFORE emailing me.  As the year progresses, I am committed  to focusing on my health, organizing my life, working full time job … and of course quality time with family & friends every month, as part of “Being Better”. Winking smile

The Sky Angel is always looking up ... hehehe

✬★✬For those of you who want to be involved with the very special journal project I am working on for the 3/5 Lima (Darkhorse) Marines, please click on this blog for details.  ✬★✬

♥ Since my ultimate goal is to get every service member “adopted” for their deployment, if you can adopt your own service member or rally your friends to do this as a project together, you can sign up at: … that would be AWESOME. ♥My address is:

Robin Schmidt

PO Box 122037

Covington, KY 41012-2037

Thanks everyone for your patience, understanding, and compassion!  May God bless America and the valiant heroes who protect our every day freedoms!  (and I promise I will keep the blog updated as much as possible with relevant information, as it always seems I am “up to something” … so stay tuned to

PS. Red heart For those of you on Facebook, PLEASE change your profile picture to a Superhero as a virtual Valentine to our Veteran’s and Active Military Personnel.   They need our support and this is a way to show them, without it costing a penny!   It is so great to see the support of my innovative idea & I cannot thank you enough for participating!  Please be sure to repost why you are changing your photo and ask your friends to do the same. Red heart




aka “The Sky Angel”

A special gift for our 3/5 Darkhorse Marines … won’t you be a part of it???

Monday, February 7th, 2011


One of my heroes, reading his journals ...

As you may or may not know, one of the things I do for our troops is journals.  On my domestic flights I make an announcement asking passengers to “write words of encouragement, prayers, draw pictures, tell jokes or anything they would want to read if they were away from their loved ones for any length of time”.  This is what made me “famous” by most peoples standards.  Ironically, the journals  are just a small portion of what I do for our valiant heroes on a regular basis.  Some of the troops I have supported have never gotten a journal.  Those who have love them, but I am thankful there are those troops who realize the value of a care package, the sentiment of a letter, and the prayers I send up daily are also just as important.  Getting others involved in supporting our troops is my goal, so none of them will ever feel alone on the battlefield, or when they come home.  


That being said, every service member I have ever done the journals for has cherished them.  They have said “it is difficult for me to keep them in my hands, because my buddies always want to see what people have written”.  One of my heroes told me the journals meant more to him after he got home.  He still reads them three years later “as a way to deal with the fact that I was away from my son when he was 3 years old and I missed out on so many ‘firsts’ “.  Often times they tear pages of the journals out and carry a page with them on a mission.  Words from a complete stranger give hope.  Let that resonate for a moment and you know why the journals will always be special to myself and anyone who does them for our troops.  They are a beautiful way to rally people together ~~ and remind folks we have wars going on in two countries, and troops who need our support.   


As I was walking around the city of Brotherly love on my layover earlier, I was thinking about the 3/5 Darkhorse Marines I was asked to “adopt” in November 2010.  Reviewing stories that have been shared with me since writing that first email, and contemplating the beautiful gift they sent, that I got on my birthday.  (If I have not told you about that, look for an upcoming post about one of the most precious gifts I have ever received in all my days of existence.)   All of the sudden, as I took each step, an idea popped into my head.  An awesome idea, if I do say so myself.  hehehe  

You see, I am flying international trips right now, and cannot do the journals for our troops for various reasons.    I’ve been working extra hard to support this particular unit because of the vast amount of casualties.  That is why in mid January I came up with the innovative idea to ask Facebookers to change their profile picture to a Superhero in honor of our Veterans and Active Military who put their lives on the line every singe day for our every day freedoms.  (Please ask those people you know on Facebook to do this through 14Feb, as it is the only Valentine some of our troops will get!  Share with those you know who are deployed, so they know we are sending them this Virtual Valentine!  )

However, I want something tangible for these specific Marines.  Something to honor the sacrifices their battle buddies have endured, and to remember those who have given their lives to serve our nation.   

So this is what I am going to do.  As of today, I am going to ask you to write me letters (hand written or typed), send a card, photograph, anything you want me to put in a journal specifically for the 3/5 Darkhorse Marines.  What I plan to do with the items you send me, is make a journal for this unit.  The idea is spawned from what Hannahkohl did for our Wounded Warriors for Christmas, what I have done on the airplane for our troops for years now, and of course ~~ wanting them to have a keepsake like no other.   

General Amos & The Sky Angel ~ Bethesda, Oct 2010

Any cards or letters need to be on 5×7 paper or smaller if possible.  Although I have rec’d some items on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and will make them work, the smaller items will enable me to fit more of your words in the 20 page scrapbook I am making for this project.

It has been an honor to me to have been asked to support this unit, to boost morale over the holidays, when many of them were feeling the sadness of what was going on around them.  These are some of the bravest men you will ever come across.  The only ones I have ever met, are those who were in the hospitals at Bethesda, Walter Reed, or Brooke Army Medical.  Recently I was asked to attend a Memorial Service for the Fallen when the unit returns home from Afghanistan.  That is when I plan to give this particular gift to the 1stSgt I have been supporting.  Take time today to help me with this project for our 3/5 Darkhorse Marines … it is the least we can do for any one of them, and since I am not the most artistic person in the world … I need all the help I can get!   

Please help me … share your thoughts.  Email me :  .. on Facebook or send a card , letter, or photograph (Please NO POSTCARDS as there is no way to present them so the front & back can be read) that you want me to include in the scrapbook to:  

Robin Schmidt  

PO Box 122037  

Covington, KY 41012-2037  


Help me make this project special … because it is all about the honorable and valiant sacrifices these complete strangers have made for each and every one of us .. and that is why I call them HEROES.   

PS.  In my photos you often will see Tigger.  One of my heroes asked me to take photos of Tigger in my travels, as a way to honor our troops. So that is why you see him with me … all over the globe.  whooo whooo whoo  

The Sky Angel wore her tshirt in honor of the Marines she is supporting .. and gave Tigger to a little boy with leukemia. What an AMAZING day!!

Thank you to all of our valiant heroes serving our Nation and bringing the world hope!   



AKA … The Sky Angel