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Sending cards to Wounded Warriors – repost from 2010, still in effect

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

THIS BLOG POST IS FROM 2010, however, I have been out on disability since May 2011.  So, any cards sent to me will either be forwarded via mail to the Wounded Warrior Hospitals, or given to my contacts to deliver.  YOU MUST UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY THAT IF YOU SEND A LETTER TO “ANY SOLDIER” OR “A WOUNDED WARRIOR”, without an actual name, it will be thrown in the trash.  Please read below for details.  Also, I have moved, and my current mailing address is as the bottom of this updated blog.  Thank you.

Thanks so much for ALL your support this past year with my efforts to support our valiant heroes, both on the battlefield, or here at “home”.  Earlier today on my layover, I had the blessed opportunity to visit some of our Wounded Warriors at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and participate in a Christmas party thrown by Operation Homefront at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in WA DC.  While at both hospitals, I specifically asked what happens to cards where the envelope arrives without a specific person on it. 

The response at both locations was the same.  Since 9/11 and the threat of anthrax, any letters/cards/packages sent to a Military facility without a specific name, are destroyed.  On the internet many people email and say “send a card to “any soldier” or “any wounded hero”.  Please know these fall into the above category. If you or anyone you know wants to (and please, I encourage you to do so!!!) write a Wounded service member, please feel free to send them to me, (or any legitimate organization who says they will deliver them for you, there are plenty of them on the internet) and I will be happy to either hand deliver them to Walter Reed, Bethesda, Brooke Army Medical Center or forward them on to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany or the Combat Surgical Hospital in Afghanistan.  Our troops need and deserve our support and a card is such an easy way to uplift someone’s spirits.  Just write on the envelope “service member” or “wounded warrior” or something like that, and I will know NOT to open it. CARDS for CHRISTMAS must be received no later than 10December for Christmas delivery.  Anything received after this date will still be sent, it will just get there a little late.  (I accept cards all year round to support our Wounded Warriors).   Just this week I know there are 7 service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our Nation, from the units I am personally supporting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  My thoughts and prayers are with each of those families and all of those who are suffering from the effects of terrorism.  May there one day soon be Peace On Earth.   Thanks so much for helping me spread this information across the airwaves, and a huge shout out to my personal heroes reading this message.


Also, as a side note, there are many wonderful organizations who do so much for our troops throughout the year.  If you sync up with Soldiers Angels or the Wounded Warrior Project (just to name two), I am sure they can also help you to get your cards delivered to our Wounded Warriors for the holidays.


Happy Holidays …. and remember, if you are a service member who needs support, or you are someone who would like to adopt a hero, please go to : and sign up!!!   

Always, Robin
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