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Armed Forces Day care packages 2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013



With so much transition and troop movement overseas, I have waited for some of the troops I had been supporting to come home and get updated addresses for those who I recently adopted through their deployments.  It only seems appropriate for my next round of care packages to be for Armed Forces Day, to honor all of our service members and fulfill any special requests.  That being said, I really need your  help to bring smiles like the ones in the above photo.

Currently we have some troops that have had their food rations cut (meaning they are getting two hot meals a day and one cold meal); and I am being asked to send foods they can add hot water to, so they can have another “hot meal”.  For this specific request, I am going to be sending things like Cup o’ Noodles or other spicy noodle meals and oatmeal … along with some homemade cookies and other food items to warm their hearts and tummies from the inside out.  (If you have spare boxes of Girl Scout cookies, please send them to me to include in the care packages, too!!!)

One of the units I have adopted recently deployed to Afghanistan for a year.  When a new unit deploys, it is always a nice touch to send them sheets and pillows; which are considered luxuries, because these are not standard items provided by the military.  So I am asking for donations of twin sheet sets with pillow cases, and pillows.  What I would like to do is find ones that will make the troops laugh out loud.  Designs that are of super heroes or cartoon characters.  It seems there is always a little bantering over who gets the “coolest ones”.  There is also a need for Band-Aids, toiletries, and toilet paper that “doesn’t  feel like sand paper”.

Speaking of COOL, it is also very hot over in Afghanistan now, so I am planning on sending items to help break the heat for our valiant service members … along with my special touch of “laughter” which helps with any type of weather.  Frisbees, board games, mosquito spray, Deet, hand held fans, water pistols, little kids sand toys (sounds silly, but they really do have fun with them), bubbles, and of course … fly swatters.  Anything else you would like to include for your personal touch is also welcomed.  Also, I have had a special request for audio books (on disc), paperback books or magazines that (no matter how old they are, the Combat Surgical Hospital needs them for our Wounded Warriors, along with any movies, and items to bring smiles to those recovering from battle wounds and the staff who are helping to take care of them).

If you can make any donation towards the purchase of items for the contents of these very special care packages in honor of Armed Forces day, please Pay Pal to : or send the the mailing address below.  My deadline  for receiving any items you would like to purchase and send to me to include in these parcels is Armed Forces Day, which is May 18th.  Please be sure to include any cards or letters you would like me to forward to the troops showing your appreciation for their service.  If you have children, please ask them and their friends or classmates to write cards to include in the packages, as our valiant heroes truly LOVE the sentiment from the next generation.  Of course, if you can contribute any red, white, and blue items (like cups, napkins, paper or plastic plates or cups, tapered candles (the candles are used for their promotion ceremonies), they would be greatly appreciated as well as flag stickers or items they can hang in their “rooms” or on their vehicles, that would be FANTASTIC.

Please send donations to: 

Robin Schmidt

PO Box 449

Mercer Island, WA 98040

These care packages would not be possible without your contributions or donations for purchasing items or to cover postage and packing tape.  Thank you so much for helping me to make such a huge difference for our troops who sacrifice so very much on a daily basis to serve, honor, protect, and defend our Nation and bring hope to regions of the world that may not otherwise ever know the meaning of the word.



“The Sky Angel”

Bubbles and Tigger bring smiles to Iraq ...

Bubbles and Tigger bring smiles to our troops … Sky Angel style  🙂