“Mail Call for Our Heroes 2013”

“Mail Call for Our Heroes 2013”

G-1 Chistmas

The Marines of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing G-1 … recipients of “Mail Call for Our Heroes” 2013

(notice behind the smiles the amazing wallpaper of cards and letters sent to them for the holidays along with the Christmas decorations! 🙂 )

Since 2002 I have been ‘adopting’ troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn all over the globe. Our service members have explained to me over and over again, the importance of receiving mail to help them cope with the time away from their loved ones back home. In an effort to uplift spirits and boost morale over the holidays, “The Sky Angel” is doing my sixth annual “Mail Call for Our Heroes”.

My goal: To raise $5,000 for holiday care packages (including Christmas trees with all the decorations, calling cards for the troops to use while the transition from country to country and don’t have access to the internet, and so much more!) for service the various units I am currently supporting in  Afghanistan, Kuwait, & Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.  The money raised will also include the cost of postage to get the items to our deployed troops and care packages throughout the year if there is any extra. 🙂

The second aspect of this project, is to collect 4,000 individual cards, letters, or notes so each service member in each unit I am supporting will have a piece of mail to open over the holidays. It would be wonderful for you to express your thoughts to any of the service members in these units, so they feel a little less lonely as they serve our country far away from their loved ones. Please get your children’s schools, girl/boy scouts, senior citizens homes, churches, social clubs, and families involved!

To be a part of this special project for our heroes away from home, please send donations (checks should be payable to Robin Schmidt) to the address below. If you would like to use a credit card or make a donation online, you can do so via PayPal to the email address of supportourheroes@live.com (or clicking on the donate button at the top of http://www.alwayssupportourheroes.com/what-to-send.html  ) .

Every year our troops have been ecstatic with how much I was able to send because of the generosity of everyone who got involved.  It was absolutely AMAZING to see how many people came together from the far reaches of earth, to take care of our Marines of 3rd Aircraft Wing G-1 last year.  In August 2013 we threw a “Welcome Home” party for this unit, and each Marine shared with us how much those random acts of kindness meant to them and all those they shared with “down range”.   This was my first “welcome home” party for a unit my friends and I adopted, and one of the most magnificent experiences of my life.  Thank you so much for your continued participation and donations to make a difference for our deployed troops.

This year my AMAZING friends and I are supporting the Combat Surgical Hospital in Afghanistan, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany (which includes the  staff as well as our Wounded), an Army unit at Camp Eggers, a Marine unit also in Afghanistan, and the “Crusaders”  of the  United States Army unit from Ft. Carson, Colorado who recently deployed to Kuwait.  If you write cards for a specific place, please somehow indicate that on your package to me.

The office of our deployed Marines during the holidays …

This year the project got a late start, as I have been busy since receiving my medical release that returned me to work in September. Now I am asking each of you for your help in making it all come to fruition ~ quickly. All of this has to be balanced between commuting to New York City from Seattle for work and devoting off time in the next month to this project for the holidays.  J  The deadline for me to receive any items you want to donate for the care packages themselves; including cards to the troops, contents for packages, or cash donations need to be delivered to me in person or arrive in my mailbox no later than Veterans Day (11 November 2013).

My goal is for none of our troops ever feel alone on the battlefield, or when they return home.  Thanks SO much for helping to make sure that never happens by making a difference for our valiant heroes through being a part of my project “Mail Call for Our Heroes 2013”!!



“The Sky Angel”

Robin Schmidt ~ PO Box 449 ~ Mercer Island, WA 98040

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