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This is a very special request as it touches my heart in a very deep way.  One of the things that has given me strength the past few years, was remembering the Wounded Warriors I have met in hospital rooms from Bethesda, Brooke Army Medical Center, Walter Reed, Balboa, and Landstuhl.  The sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms are tremendous.  Never will I forget being asked “does it bother you that I have no legs or an arm, or that I have a scar from my shoulder to my pelvis?”  My response was “I didn’t even notice, I was too busy admiring the hero looking at me”.  Every time I have spent time with our Wounded Warriors, my life has been impacted in a significant way.


That is why, when I was asked to help collect items for the WIVES of our WOUNDED WARRIORS I said I would write this blog and ask for help from the public at large, to make this project a huge success.  What we need are lightly used (or new) and in good condition from the following list; for the wives to wear at the Wounded Warrior Ball.  All colors, shapes, and sizes.  🙂


* Shoes

* Jewelry

* Long or short dresses

* Nice pants

* Dressy tops

Next week I have a layover in San Diego, so I would like to hand deliver any of the above items to my friend, Lori, who asked for my help.  If you live in the Seattle area, please contact me to make arrangements for me to collect any of the above from you.  (no later than 24July for a face to face meeting or me to pick up in person).


If you cannot make that deadline or you live out of the area, you can either ship directly to me at: Robin Schmidt, PO Box 16796, Seattle, WA 98116 or email me at supportourheroes@live.com for me to respond to you with an address you can ship the items to in San Diego.  Additionally, if any of you would like to make a monetary donation so Lori and I can pick up items at consignment stores, you can do so via PayPal to: supportourheroes@live.com .

The deadline for any items to be received for this project is no later than 24August, 2014 as I have to make sure Lori has everything in the San Diego area before the Wounded Warrior Ball.  This morning I found two dresses in my closet to donate and will be going through my shoes later today.  What do you have in YOUR closets that you don’t ever wear??? (Men, if you have a wife or girlfriend that take up two closets with their clothes, could you encourage them to look and see if there is ANYTHING they can donate to this worthwhile cause??? Thank you!!!)

Long and short dresses for the Wives of our Wounded Warriors

Long and short dresses for the Wives of our Wounded Warriors


Thank you in advance for your kind donation, and please keep in mind it is not tax deductible and this is simply a way to help the wives of our Wounded Warriors.  The least we can give them and their brave husbands; is a beautiful outfit to wear to the Wounded Warrior Ball.   May you be blessed immensely for all you do to help me support the troops.




“The Sky Angel”

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