“Birthday in a Box 2015”


Birthday fun for our deployed heroes

Extra, Extra … read all about it!!! Did you know this is my birthday month?  And with my schedule I completely forgot to post this blog about wanting to ask for a very special gift?  Care packages for our deployed heroes, of course!!!

It’s my birthday month … and time for “birthday in a box” for our deployed troops. If you would like to send any party items (like balloons, cups, beads, silly hats, party favors, plates, feather boas, board or card games, etc) that I can include in the contents, that would be fantastic. Also, it goes without saying, but I really need money for postage to send the items donated or I pick up in my travels.

This is something I have enjoyed doing over the years and the troops really love getting cake mixes, candles, and frosting and everything to help them celebrate my birthday with them.  :)    (they also are still needing scarves, hats, and items to stay warm … it is very cold in Afghanistan right now!!)


Everything needed for a birthday party in a war zone …

“Birthday in a Box” is my way of uplifting our troops morale after the holidays.  Sending toys, games, pillows, twin size sheets, and of course my homemade fudge always warms their hearts and tummies.  This also is sent in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, so cards from your children, local schools, or you, are also welcome.  (As well as any fudge or cookies you want to make!!)

Please send anything you want me to include (and checks for postage) to:

Robin Schmidt

PO Box 16796

Seattle, WA 98116

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with to help make this a success.  I will be shipping to Afghanistan and Kuwait on 3Feb 2014; so I need your donations received no later than 31Jan 2014. (Definitely want to give everyone time to be a part of the fun, while making sure Miah and Brad receive the items in time for Valentine’s Day!!!).

If you want to PayPal money for this, you can do so to:  suppourtourheroes@live.com

(if you need a street address to ship items that you are ordering from a website, please let me know …)

Thanks so much for being a part of something fun to continue in my efforts of never allowing any of our valiant heroes to feel alone on the battlefield, and know they have someone to turn to when they return “home”. 



“The Sky Angel”


Rachael’s birthday in a box and Tigger, too; from 2012

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