“Mail Call for Our Heroes 2015”

“Mail Call for Our Heroes 2015″

Since 2002 I have been ‘adopting’ troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn all over the globe. Our service members have expressed to me, over and over again, the importance of receiving mail and hearing their name called at Mail Call. It helps them to cope with the time away from their loved ones back home & having their name called at Mail Call.  For that reason, to uplift spirits and boost morale over the holidays, “The Sky Angel” is doing my ninth annual “Mail Call for Our Heroes”.

1SGT Miah Washburn recipient of “Mail Call for Our Heroes 2014”


This year “Mail Call for Our Heroes” is for four different soldiers and their units, who are currently serving in Kuwait, Japan, Korea.  We still have troops being deployed to Afghanistan although the media states otherwise.  One of my friends is deploying to the Horn of Africa in November and will be receiving packages as well.

My goals: 1) To raise enough $$$$ for holiday care packages including Christmas trees with all the decorations, toiletries, food, homemade treats, clothing for our Wounded Warriors, goodies for our canine heroes, and postage to ship everything collected.  Care packages will also be going to the Wounded Warriors and hospital staff at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

2) 4,000 individual cards, letters, or notes so each service member in each unit or at the hospitals will have a piece of mail to open over the holidays.

Having you and your loved ones express your thoughts to the service members in these units will make such a difference for them this holiday season. Please feel free to get your children’s schools, girl/boy scouts, senior citizens homes, churches, social clubs, and families involved!  The troops love receiving the cards gathered from across the world for them!!


Santa arrived in Kuwait … via “Mail Call for Our Heroes 2013”

Please send donations (checks should be payable to Robin Schmidt) to the address below. (Donations are not tax deductible as I do this out of the kindness of my heart and do not want the hassle of becoming a non-profit).  If you would like to make a donation online, you can do so via PayPal to the email address of: supportourheroes@live.com (or clicking on the donate button at the top of http://alwayssupportourheroes.com/what-to-send.html )

The deadline for me to receive any items you want to donate for the care packages themselves; including cards or letters to the troops, contents for packages, or cash donations need to be arrived in my mailbox no later thanVeterans Day (11 November 2015) to ensure they arrive overseas before Christmas.  Any items received after the deadline will still be sent and appreciated.

Every year our troops have been ecstatic with how much I was able to send because of the generosity of everyone who got involved. It was absolutely AMAZING to see how many people came together from the far reaches of earth, to take care of all the units my friends and I supported last year over the holidays and the special treatment we were able to extend to the National Guard unit from Oregon; that was serving in Afghanistan.

Thank you in advance for making a huge difference through your generous donations and participation in “Mail Call for Our Heroes 2015”, so none of our valiant heroes serving ever feel alone on the battlefield, or when they return home.



“The Sky Angel”

Robin Schmidt ~ PO Box 16796 ~ Seattle, WA 98116

for Fed Ex or UPS: 4412 California Ave SW #16796, Seattle, WA 98116

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